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Get a head start growing your seeds in our Mini Greenhouses!​​

- Heavy Duty make these Re-usable for many Seasons 

- BPA Free

- 2 tiered Drainage Cells

- High Domed lid for Ample Space​

- Adjustable humidity vent

- 12 or 28 Peat Pellets

- Organic Plant Food

- Seed Starting Instructions

If you are new to growing plants from seeds this is the way to go.  A completely controlled environment where alot less can go wrong and everything you need is included.

Did you know:  most seeds need warmth not light to germinate

Composting Worms

Red wigglers are the best worms for composting in an indoor worm bin (easily made out of plastic tote bins)

They devour kitchen waste, leaving nutrient-rich castings behind Both the castings and compost "tea" can be used in your gardens as one of the best sources of organic matter to feed the microbes.

Classes & Consulting

Offering a variety of classes, workshops, and demonstrations. Interested in learning how to plant a Monarch Way Station for the pollinators? Or how to garden organically? Want to create a school garden focusing of Spring and Fall crops? We can create the perfect class in your price range for your group.
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Vermicomposting Resource Guide

Everything you wanted to know about taking care of Red Wiggler Worms and indoor composting - the easy way! Learn about the proper environment, balanced diet, compost "tea", even a troubleshooting section will help with any questions you may have...
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Promos - Favors - Fundraising

Garden inspired products for your special event. Specializing in "Garden Scented" hand-poured soy candles, customized seed packets, seed paper, seed bombs, just to name a few. Have an idea - let's discuss...
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Customer Testimonials

Grow, Harvest, and Cure GARLIC - The Fall Crop

Grow, Harvest, and Cure GARLIC - The Fall Crop

Planting garlic is very similar to planting Spring Flowering bulbs, such as tulips.  Timing is probably the most important step to successful garlic growing.  You plant in the Fall hoping to get roots to establish but not too early to produce top growth until Spring...
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Popcorn grown in a backyard garden

Grow Popcorn from Seed and Harvesting Tips

Grow your own healthy snack that everyone will enjoy!

Homegrown popcorn is fresher, tastier, and more fun than store-bought brands. 
Popped in Coconut Oil sprinkled in Sea Salt - Once you have tried it you will never go back!
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Grow Ginger and Turmeric in Marginal Zones

Grow Ginger and Turmeric in Marginal Zones

(Zones outside of 9-11)

A whole piece of ginger is called a “hand” and has several “fingers”. 

So if you don’t live in a zone 9-11 you will need to Pre-Sprout.  Pre-Sprouting is done ...

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