Mini Greenhouse - Grow 12 plants SMALL


Get a head start growing your seeds in our Mini Greenhouse!

Everything you need to grow

Perfect for those newer to seed starting as this is a completely controlled environment so a lot less can go wrong :)

Small Seed Starting Kit
Start 12 plants

Re-useable heavy duty let's you use this season after season

BPA free
2 Tier drainage cells 
High domed lid for ample growing space
Adjustable humidity vent
12 Peat Pellets - High water holding capacity makes this one of the best medias to start seeds
Kelp Meal - for organic gardening micro-nutrients
Easy to Understand - Seed Starting Instructions

Measures approx 9" l x 6.75" w x 7.25" h

Plants not included ------> check out our other listings for Organic Seed Collections