Making Organic Matter for your Garden the Easy Way Composting with Worms


Red wigglers are the best worms for composting in an indoor worm bin (easily made out of plastic tote bins)
They devour kitchen waste, leaving nutrient-rich castings behind.  
Both the castings and compost "tea" can be used in your gardens as one of the best sources of organic matter to feed the microbes.


So what are microbes, you ask?  Think of your soil as a "living" war zone where all these microscopic single-celled organisms live by the motto - eat or be eaten :)  "Microbes", microscopic organisms" are constantly eating one one another and as they do nutrients are being released that the plants can use.  So in theory we feed the microbes and the microbes feed the plants.  

Did you know - less than 2.5% Organic Matter and microbes are literally starving to death!  To find out your percentages - test your soil (usually offered by your state extension office for under $25)

Scientific Research from Cornell University on Vermicompost suppressing plant disease



Watch below as the red worms (Eisenia fetida) are able to consume 25-35% of their body weight per day!


How much  will 1,000 composting worms create for me?
1,000 count of Red composting worms can create between 8 and 16 ounces of compost per month.  These worms double in population every three months, so as your worm population grows, the amount of castings that they can create will grow as well. A year from introducing your 1,000 composting worms into your bin, you should have 16,000 composting worms, which will create 8-16  + pounds of compost per year!

Easy no-fail composting method that even the kids will enjoy - Fun project for the classroom!

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Upon arrival - Please place them into the worm bin as soon as possible. Worms require a moist and dark environment with plenty of organic matter to eat. Optimal temperature range is 60 to 70 degrees F