Hemp Planters - Grow Bags



Heavy Duty 100% Hemp Material - Plastic Free

These are not the cheap flimsy bags you find in the big box retail stores

9-12 month life - Can be composted after use, Fully Bio-Degradable

Great for Patio Gardening and Urban Farming

Just add compost and soil 

Water Permeable - Oxygenates roots for healthier container grown plants

Choose between:

Small (Approx 5 gallon)
12" across x 12" H
Great size for single Herbs, Eggplants and Broccoli


Medium (Approx 7 gallon)
13.5" across x 13.5" H
Great size for Eggplant and Peppers


Large (Approx 10 gallon)
14.5" across x 14.5" H
Great for Potatoes and Tomatoes

*Does not include soil, just a representation.


Urban gardening aka: gardening in raised beds, planters, pots, etc has a few challenges. Here are a few reasons why growing in fabric bags is the ideal choice:

#1 Drainage - plants growing in plastic or metals can overheat your root systems. Roots do more than just anchor a plant. If your roots are not healthy your plants will lack the ability to take in nutrient. 

#2 Moisture - plants growing in wood or clay planters typically suffer from drought stress as these materials absorb the water and steal the moisture the plants need.

#3 Aeration - the fabric allows air flow to the roots and also provides proper drainage. I have actually seen plants that have died from drowning because the drainage holes in their pots were inadequate.

#4 Soil Health - plants grown in a properly drained and aerated environment strive.   This environment is essential in growing and maintaining a living soil, the basis of organic gardening. Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants.  Adding organic matter to your fabric pots will feed your microbes and they will enjoy their perfect environment allowing nutrients to be released and larger root systems to be formed.

#5 Portability - the bags are lightweight and heavy duty and you can move them around easily. Let's say you need less or more sun as Spring changes to Summer...no worries just use the durable handles that will NOT tear.  Have a climbing plant that needs a trellis...no problem just move your planter near a fence.


Interested in Vermi-Composting - the easy way to compost indoors with worms? Organic Gardening starts with soil health.

Healthy Soil = Healthy plants.

An easy way to build your soil is by adding organic matter, especially in urban pots and containers ...creating a living soil full of microbes.  Guarantee live worm delivery!