Classes & Consulting

Classes -

Garden Outside The Box offers a variety of classes, workshops, and demonstrations.  Interested in learning the basics of vermicomposting (composting with worms)?  How about planting a Monarch Way Station for the pollinators?  Organic gardening anyone?  Just a sampling of what we offer.  Don’t see exactly what your looking for?  We can create the perfect class in your price range for your group.  For more details:

Current Class Schedule

Garden Party Class Series -
Monthly Class + Shopping (discounted prices!)
Garden Teas - Healthy Tastings - Garden Trivia - Giveaways

Have fun, meet like-minded friends, and learn something new!
Wide variety of topics to choose from:  

  • Defining the Organic Gardening Method - The Proactive Method
  • Organically treating Pests and Insects - The Reactive Method
  • ​Heirloom Tomatoes
  • A World of Herbs
  • Growing Garlic - The Fall crop
  • Indoor Composting with Worms
  • Container Gardening
  • Growing Ginger and Turmeric - in Michigan!
  • Seed Starting
  • Growing Potatoes
  • Cold Crops and Cole Crops
  • Intensive Gardening
  • Microgreens and Shoots 
  • Indoor Gardening                                                                             


Garden Party BIRTHDAY PARTY for Little Gardeners -

Let us help you celebrate your child's next birthday!  Fun hands-on parties using imagination and creativity to explore the garden and gardening practices.  Growing - Harvesting - Tasting
For ages 5-11.  Includes a sow and grow take home project.  Different Packages to choose from. 

School Garden Program & Classroom Compost Bins - 
Calling all Teachers....want to start a sustainable gardening program for your class?  We can help you with all the challenges associated with school gardens.  For example: forget the summer crops when no one is there to care for them anyway...let's focus on season extension and growing Spring and Fall gardens.  We will help you with a plan that works - let's make learning by doing in the garden easy and fun!
We also specialize in indoor worm composting - this method is super easy with no odors and kids just love the little wigglers!

Vermi-Composting 101 -
1 hour presentation followed by Q&A
Brief overview about soil health, organics and the goal of using Vermi Castings in the gardens - 
Hot Compost vs. Cold Compost –
Intro to Vermi-Composting / Worm Anatomy – 
Why use Red Wigglers?  - Brief video clip - 
Environment:  Types of housing, bedding -
Feeding & Watering – 
Troubleshooting – 
Using worms in the garden – European Night Crawlers – 
How to use Vermi Compost - 
Making Compost Tea –

Gardening Trivia –
30 minutes Adult or Children
Interactive 12 questions with prizes!
Topics can include:  seed saving, growing from seed, heirlooms vs hybrid, plant biology, nutrient cycles, urban gardening, growing organically, soil health, composting, seed beds, season extension, and more
Garden Design –
1 hour offered in Fall and Early Spring
Have you always wanted to grow the biggest pepper in the neighborhood?  The first one with red tomatoes?   This class is for you - we go over the basics for beginners and get into techniques even immediate advanced gardeners can use.  Topics can include:  Garden Location, Plant Spacing, Intensive Practices, Space Saving techniques, Organics, Soil Health – no till practices, Seed Starting, Season Extension, Raised Beds and Urban Methods
Kids in the Garden –
1 hour – recommended ages 5 - 12
Designed for kids and their adult partner who want to grow something Great!  Connect with where your food comes from.  Did you know that kids are 6 times more likely to try veggies that they grow fresh from their garden?  Topics include:  soil health, organic growing, seed starting, windowsill gardening, and urban garden methods.  This is an interactive workshop that includes take aways and tasting.
Butterflies, Pollinators, Native Gardens –
1.5 hours
How to design and plant a Monarch Way Station as well as attracting pollinators and wildlife into the garden.  By the end of this class you will have a complete working drawing that once planted can be registered with the Official Database.  Bring paper and pencil.
Garden Party at your Home/Work –
Invite your friends over….learn something new….buy a garden kit….have fun!  Let’s play garden trivia – I have “live” prizes!  
Great for adults, gardeners, co-workers, friends, Scout groups, birthdays, and more!
We also offer fundraising packages – call for details
Tiny Terrariums –
1.5 hours
Ages 12 to adult or Children’s Session age 8-12
Design a tiny world under glass.  Using different mosses, natural elements, and miniature figures. 
Upcoming Class Topics:
Wildflower ID 
Tree ID – Let’s go on a hike

​Children’s Growing Series:  6 weekly classes offered Spring/Fall and Summer


Consulting and Garden Services -

Need help growing?  Live in Metro Detroit?  Garden Outside The Box offers garden and landscaping consulting.  We specialize in the following:

  • Garden and Landscape design with proper plant selections and proper spacing
  • Pest and Disease management specializing in Organic methods
  • Urban Gardening techniques including vertical gardening and space saving
  • Hydroponics and Indoor growing
  • Compost and Vermicompost (worm farm) Set Ups for classrooms and home 
  • Monarch Way Stations - Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens
  • Native Gardens and Landscapes
  • Gardening with special needs
  • Youth Horticulture Programming
  • Landscape Pruning and Maintenance
  • Reality Landscape "Staging" - Creating Curb Appeal for selling your home
  • DIY Consulting Packages - step by step customized guide to help you save money while achieving a professional landscape