Kelp Meal - ORGANIC Maxicrop 1lb


Maxicrop Organic Kelp Meal


Norwegian Kelp, one of the richest known sources of at least 60 minerals and elements, 12 vitamins and 21 amino acids. It has been harvested, dried, processed with a patented process, then blended and ground to a 14 mesh size.

When used as a soil conditioner, Maxi crop Kelp Meal will improve many deficiencies, thereby adding to the nutrition of vegetables from your garden.

It can also be incorporated into potting soils, seed and transplant beds, as well as composting material to improve the health of all your outdoor or indoor plants.

It will add organic matter to your soil and help it retain moisture.

It will enhance healthy root growth. 

Can use mixed with water or directly mixed into your soil

1 Tsp to 1 gallon of water

OMRI listed