Worm Cafe Compost Bin

$165.00 $200.00

The easy and clean way to compost for the whole family

Eco-friendly - made of Recycled Plastic
The Worm Café is the ultimate worm farm for indoor or outdoor use. With its sleek new design and easy to use, no mess features, you’ll find your Worm Café is an easy and clean way to recycle your organic waste into rich worm castings for the garden.

Features and Benefits

 Stylised hinged, fly proof lid

 Three large capacity rectangular working trays

 Unique side working tray ventilation

 Non-drip design

 Ventilated collector tray, with worm mound, tap and sump

 Stylised legs with ant prevention

 Coir brick

Measures Approx 22"l x 15" x 29"

Great size to start off with 1000-2000 Red Wiggler Worms

Made in Australia