In Ground Compost Bin Worm Buffet for Garden Beds

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The Worm Buffet is an in-ground worm farm that is the perfect low maintenance solution for families to recycle organic waste at home.

The unit is installed into a raised garden bed, allowing worms to move in and out through the holes in the worm farm to digest kitchen scraps and return nutrients into the surrounding soil.

Instead of putting kitchen scraps direct into the garden that can attract rodents and animals to dig them up and destroy your plants, you add the scraps to this compost unit.  It keeps the scraps for the worms and decomposers to eat and recycle the nutrients back into the garden while keeping the the bigger animals out.  

Made from 100% recycled plastic 

Recycles 2-4lbs of kitchen scraps a week

Comes with Coir Bedding for the worms

500 Red Wiggler worms would be the right amount for this unit

You will need to dig a hole 16" x 16"

Made in Australia