Short Green Comet Milkweed Asclepias viridiflora SEEDS


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Green Comet Milkweed also called Short Green Milkweed
Asclepias viridiflora

Bloom Time: July
Bloom Color: White
Height: 1"
Part Sun to Full Sun
Dry soil
Zone: 3-9
Spacing 10-18"
Planting depth: 1/4"
Not too showy of a plant but nice for native bees and Monarch caterpillars

*Seeds need to be Stratified for minimum 30 days.
If you live in a colder climate plant in Fall so seeds overwinter in cold weather. If planting in Spring to Summer or mild winters you can stratify seeds in your refrigerator for 30 days before planting. Instructions on how to do this will be included with your purchase.

Asclepias viridiflora (Short Green Milkweed) matures to 1' in height and has light green to green flowers. As the plant matures, the flowers begin to turn yellowish green or purplish green. Short Green Milkweed blooms approximately in July, prefers dry soil and full to partial sun. Asclepias viridiflora has a central taproot. The flowers attract bumblebees and other long-tongued bees, which are the most common pollinators. Ants are also attracted to the flowers, but they are not as effective as pollinators.

Native plant seeds in general do not have very high germination rates. Plant a few seeds per 1 plant desired

approx 10 seeds

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