Shallots - Red, Yellow, or Mixed


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You will receive 30 individual bulbs + Planting Instructions

Biztro - Dutch Variety
Round Red-skin bulbs have crisp white flesh

Yellow Moon - Dutch Variety
Round Yellow-skin sweet mild onion flavor


MIX of both Red and Yellow

Allium cepa

Each shallot bulb is planted individually with 7 shallots forming from each one

Green shoots can also be used as Green Onion or Scallion substitute

Full Sun
90-120 DAYS

Height: 14 inches
Spacing: Plant bulbs 7 inches apart in rows 12 inches apart
Depth: Plant so tip of bulb is just protruding through the soil surface
Spread: 6 inches
Light Required: Full Sun
Soil Requirements: Well-drained soil
Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate

Zone: 6-9

Bulbs store for 6 months or more

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