Seed Potatoes - Red White & Blue Mix

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Shipping begins 1st week of April

1 pound - which is about 3 potatoes or could be a couple of the the end they will total weight to 1 lb and at least 1 of each variety
Each potato you will cut into 1-2" pieces for planting (directions included)

Variety: Dark Red Norland, Purple Majesty, and Russet Burbank Seed Potato


All varieties are Determinate - producing potatoes in 1 layer

Cannot ship to the following: MT ID FL WA CO AK HI PR GU VI

Home grown potatoes are fresher, more flavorful, and healthier for you. A small number of seed potatoes will yield a few buckets of potatoes ready to eat and enjoy and can be stored throughout the winter months.

Zone 4-9

Don't have a big yard for a garden? These do really well in our 15 gallon fabric potato pots (see other listing). Urban gardeners can grow them on a porch or patio.