Red Lace Mustard Microgreens


Red Lace Mustard Microgreen
Spicy purple scalloped shaped micro contain high levels of antioxidants which may be able to help detoxify your liver and blood


100% Organic - GMO Free - Untreated seed

Grow indoors in bright sunny window - ideal temperature is 70 degree

7.9g - $4 (enough seed to grow in our Small 5" x 14" microgreen tray) -----> see other listing for trays

15g - $6 (enough seed to grow in our Large 9" x 14" microgreen tray)

1 oz - $10 (enough seed to grow 2 x's in our Large tray

7.9g seed comes in metal tin - larger sizes packaged in envelopes
All come with detailed Growing Instructions

USA Ship Only