Raised Bed Garden Fertilizer - ORGANIC


All Purpose Garden Fertilizer 6-3-6

OMRI listed, meaning approved for organic garden

True Organic Granular Raised Bed Plant Food is an Organic Mix of all natural plant foods with a 6-3-6 formula which provides the perfect start for whatever you prefer to grow in your raised bed; it gives your Tomatoes & Vegetables the super powers to produce large, delicious fruits, it's excellent for growing your favorite Lettuce, Spinach & Kale & will supply all of your Flowers, Budding & Blooming plants with those extra micronutrients for success!

  • Contains an EXTRA 5% Calcium & 1% Sulfur to give your plants an additional nutrient blast, PLUS an exclusive blend of proven farm-grade ingredients for plants, soil and microbes, including Poultry Manure, Fish Bone Meal, Potash, Soybean Meal, Seabird Guano, Shrimp and Crab Shell Meal.
  • Unlike conventional fertilizers, True Organic products replenish the soil, helping to restore the Earth for future generations and keeping your own backyard biome truly organic
  • Use in your raised beds to grow abundant organic fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs and foliage.
  • For heavy feeders like corn, spinach, broccoli and leafy greens to encourage rapid vegetative growth.
  • A great source of nitrogen.
  • For in-ground and container plants.
  • Apply twice per year in Spring and Fall or every 2 months during the growing season
  • 4lb. bag covers up to 30 sq. ft.