Sunny 2 Room Pollinator House


"If you build it they will come"

From the Sunny Collection

Small Pollinator House for Leaf Cutter, Mason Bees, Ladybugs and Lacewings

These type of bees do not make hives but rather use wood cavities for their eggs

Attracting all sorts of pollinators and protector insects in the gardens and landscapes. It gives them shelter and the perfect environment so they can stay near all your plants. Super important in Organic gardening.

Native bees are great pollinators for your gardens veggies, herbs, and flowers!

These cheery colored houses measure approx 9" h x 5" w x 3.5" d

Each one has hanging bracket on back for easy mounting

3 different designs in 3 different colors:

Yellow will attract mason bees and leaf cutters

Sky Blue with the lower shutter chambers are ideal for ladybugs (I can include some wood shaving if you are interested in filling up the most enjoy)...just leave me a "note" when checking out to included shavings :)

Salmon with the mesh attracts lacewings. I feel the lacewings also like the blue shutters as well.

All are beneficial insects :) 

FYI - These small bees are not aggressive and do not sting unless handled Comes with instructions on how to choose a perfect location