Peat Soil Pellets


Peat Pellets are the perfect way to start seeds especially if you are new to seed starting

  • Moisture Control - Have ability to retain water - even if you forget to mist/water for a few days they are forgiving
  • Water Indicator - As they dry out they start to change color from dark to light which is a great way to indicate when it is time to water next
  • Healthy roots - pellets are air permeable so roots get the oxygen they need
  • Less Transplant Stress - when time to plant the seedling the roots are able to grow right through the mesh so no need to disrupt...just plant the whole pellet
  • Fewer Diseases - Sterile medium so less soil borne pathogens
  • Sustainably Sourced from Peat Bogs

Expanded measure approx 1.75" x 1.75"

Size is 42mm

Seedlings pictured are not included with pellets, just a representation of what you will be able to grow.


Instructions -

  • Soak the Peat Pellets in a large bowl of room temperature water until they fully expand    (approx 5 minutes)
  • Locate the top of the Peat Pellet (side with the opening) and place seeds into the top opening

Germination rates are located on seed packs. This rate can help determine how many seeds to plant.
100% rate plant 1 seed   
90% and above plant 2  
80% and above plant 3

  • Rule of thumb – push seed down 2x’s the size of the seed. Example – small seeds like basil just rest on soil surface while larger seeds like cucumber will be planed ½” deep
  • When planting small seeds on the soil surface it is always important to tap them down lightly with your fingertips to make sure they are in contact with the soil surface, this is called a root bed and will ensure germination