LED Microgreen Grow System - Everything you Need!


Compact system measuring: 19"l x 17"h x 8"d

Self Watering for up to 14 days!

Attractive and compact design showcases your plants

Comes with everything you need to grow Microgreens including:

4 Growing Trays 1lb
Micro Mix Soil Blend
4 different Organic Microgreen Seeds
+ Easy to read Instructions

Features: 12" LED 6400K full spectrum grow light with reflector to maximize all the light

Fully adjustable canopy to keep the light as close to your plants as needed

Wicking table and capillary mat.  Your plants are watered via the matting which wicks water from the below reservoir for up to 14 days.   GREAT for a busy lifestyle!

Comes with 4 reusable trays (seen in last pic) or compatible with any of our table top greenhouses or microgreen trays -----> see separate listing

Easy to use - set up in less than 30 minutes.

Comes with complete instructions.