Low Tunnel - Insect & Pest Netting


Organic gardening uses methods other than chemicals.

This biological control will help protect your plants from insects including cabbage moth and tomato hornworm, pests like squirrels and chipmunks, as well as keeping birds away from precious strawberries!

This Low Tunnel is easy to install 

What makes them so easy to use is that the hoops are part of the tunnel so you don't have to wrestle with fitting a cover onto a frame.   The design also makes them super easy to store - fold them down and place them back in the original packaging before hanging them back in the shed. 

Rust resistant galvanized steel hoops

A drawstring allows gardeners to control ventilation in the tunnel by closing the ends, this also allows the full extent of the tunnel to be used, giving greater value for money.

Measures:  9'10" long when fully extended.  2' w x 1.5" h