Herbal Tea Garden Collection


Relax with sweet sips from the garden. Grow delicate plants for an herbal bliss. Tranquil aromas will wrap their fragrances around you. Use fresh or dried in teas, infused waters, or craft cocktails.

Herbal Tea Collection contains:

Organic, Non-GMO, Untreated, High Quality Seeds - Easy to Germinate

German Chamomile
Holy Basil
English Lavender
Lemon Balm
Wild Bergamont
Common Mint

6 Plant ID tags

Features detailed growing information, planting diagrams, spacing, tips, & more for raised beds (urban) and traditional row gardens (suburban)
All packaged in mini wooden crate (measures 5"L x 3.5" W x 2.5"H)

*Includes a sample of our Signature Herbal Garden Tea

Can be Fully grown Inside or Out


If you are new to seed starting you my be interested in the Seed Collection + Mini Greenhouse Kit.

It is a completely controlled environment so a lot less can go wrong :)

+ Mini Greenhouse to start 12 plants and everything you need:

Re-useable heavy duty let's you use this season after season
BPA free
2 Tier drainage cells 
High domed lid for ample growing space
Adjustable humidity vent
12 Peat Pellets - High water holding capacity makes this one of the best medias to start seeds
Kelp Meal - for organic gardening micro-nutrients
Easy to Understand - Seed Starting Instructions

Measures approx 9" l x 6.75" w x 7.25" h

Covers 4' x 4' garden (16 sq ft) or multiple plantings if grown in containers
Urban Gardening? Fabric Planters are a great choice for space saving and healthy roots ------->available for sale in separate listing

​Not ready to plant?
Seal kit in Zip Lock bag and store in cool and dark location for up to 2 years

​Herbs pictured are just a representation of what you will be able to grow with your garden ​they are not included with your kit.

USA Ship Only