Elephant Garlic Seed


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Elephant Garlic Seed 

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You will receive:
1 Jumbo Bulb either in 1 full head or because elephant garlic heads are somewhat loosly attached together you may receive the individual cloves.  *If you receive the cloves you will get the same amount or more of the very large cloves

Elephant garlic, Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum, looks like a jumbo garlic but is actually closer to a leek.  Milder flavor than typical garlic but because of this you can you fresh in many dishes.

Tends to alternate each year between forming one large bulb the 1st year and then forming many small cloves , like typical garlic the 2nd.   This really depends on how long your season is as formation could vary.

Elephant garlic will produce an edible flower stalk called a scape, (see below)

+Will come with full planting instructions and tips

Requires Full Sun

Zone 3-9

(Bulb sizes may vary from pictures as this was last season's crop, in general they will be large and jumbo graded)

Typically 4-6 cloves per bulb.  Each clove is planted separately  and will form 1 bulb/plant per clove planted.

Urban gardeners - Can garlic be grown in pots on a patio or deck?

YES!  Elephant Garlic performs well in pots, fabric planters, raised beds, that are 12" + deep. Check out our fabric planter listing :) When growing in pots more waterings are usually required as well as Organic fertilizers/nutrients such as: compost tea, liquid kelp, seaweed.

What is the difference between softneck and hardneck?

The vertical stalk that grows is refereed to as the "neck". With the hardneck varieties the stalk produces a distinct curled flower pod called a scape. The scape should be cut off before flowing to revert the energy to the bulb. Scapes are an edible bonus - sauteed in olive oil , tossed with Parmesan and red pepper flakes or turn into a simple yummy pesto!  The stalk then becomes stiff and hard hence the name - hardneck.

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