Wax Amaryllis SNOW dipped Red - No water needed!

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The best gift for any Gardener or even those without a Green thumb!

HUGE!!! Glitter dipped Wax Amaryllis Bulb

No watering - No Soil - No messy pots - No Chemicals - No staking - can’t get easier than that!

Just set inside in a sunny window and your flower leaves and towering flowers will grow within 4-6 weeks

The waxed coated bulb contains all the stored energy and moisture it needs to grow and bloom.
There is a coiled wire attached to the bottom to make this bulb free standing.

The color of bloom will be: Reddish
The wax dip color is: Snow Dipped with Red Wax Base
Comes in white gift box

*due to the live nature of the bulb cracks may appear in the wax coating as it grows. This will not affect the growing or blooming of the flower.

*Amaryllis can be harmful to cats if ingested

Can only ship within the USA