Rocambole Garlic Seed - Bavarian Purple 1 lb

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Seed Garlic for Fall planting

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You will receive:
4-5 Jumbo bulbs - approx 1 pound

Variety - Bavarian Purple which is a Rocambole Variety of the Hardneck garlics
----> The Rocamboles have the richest complex flavors of all the garlic varieties

Easy to peel
tightly curled scapes with thin bulb skin
Stores up to 4-5 months

+ Planting Instructions that include harvesting and super easy curing information
4-5 bulbs will grow up to 24-30 plants with 1 bulb forming from each plant
If that's too much garlic seed is fully edible - so enjoy!

Urban gardeners - Can garlic be grown in pots on a patio or deck?

YES! Garlic performs well in pots, grow bags, raised beds, that are 18" + deep. When growing in pots more waterings are usually required as well as Organic fertilizers/nutrients such as: compost tea, liquid kelp, seaweed.

What is the difference between softneck and hardneck?

The vertical stalk that grows is refereed to as the "neck". With the hardneck varieties the stalk produces a distinct curled flower pod called a scape. The scape should be cut off before flowing to revert the energy to the bulb. Scapes are an edible bonus - sauteed in olive oil , tossed with Parmesan and red pepper flakes - yum! The stalk then becomes stiff and hard hence the name - hardneck.

Hardnecks are sometimes considered to have more complex flavors but don't store as long

Softnecks don't form the hard stalk or the scapes but are great for braiding as the leaf stalks stay soft and pliable. Softnecks are somewhat milder in flavor but typically produce larger bulbs and have longer storage life. (This is typically the variety found at the grocery store)

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