Seed Potatoes - German Butterball


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You get 6 potatoes - approx 13 ounces depending on size (which can be planted whole or cut into more seed pieces) + detailed instructions for planting, harvesting, tips, and more

German Butterball Seed Potato


Looking for a Fun to grow unique potato for your garden?

A very smooth potato
Old variety
Round to slightly oval shape
Mild buttery flavor
Yellow flesh with yellow skin

Mid - Late Summer variety. Harvest small and tender
Great for salads, roasted, boiled, grilled or steamed

Sets up to 12 tubers per hill

Indeterminate Variety - producing potatoes in multiple layers. Mounding method suggested for planting (instructions included) + Bigger Harvests

Home grown potatoes are fresher, more flavorful, and healthier for you. A small number of seed potatoes will yield a few buckets of potatoes ready to eat and enjoy and can be stored throughout the winter months.

Zone 4-9