Chicago Hardy Fig


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Healthy Rooted 1 year old plant, may come with or without leaves

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The Ficus carica tree aka Chicago Hardy Fig is self-pollinating, meaning you only need one tree to have fresh fig production. Has a high yield of deliciously, sweet edible fruit that ripens in late summer or early fall depending on your location. The ripe fruit is medium-sized figs with dark mahogany color on the outside and deep purple inside, the same as Brown Turkey.

The lobed leaves have an oblong shape compared to other fig tree leaves.

They are easy to grow cold-hardy fruit trees and can produce over 100 pints of fig fruit during the growing season. The delicious figs are perfect eaten fresh, used in jams or jellies, or dehydrated for later use. Can bear fruit in the first year of tree planting!

Chicago Fig Tree Care:
Chicago Hardy Fig care consists of growing your plant in full sun to partial shade in moist, well-draining soil. Keep well watered the first year of planting to establish a strong root system. The Chicago Cold Hardy Fig tree is drought tolerant once established.

Grow this deciduous fig tree in zones 5-10.   It is cold hardy down to 10 degrees and the roots are hardy down to even colder winters.

This fast-growing up to 15-30' h and 15-35' w when planted in the ground.
Grows well in containers as long as it is in full sun and in a pot with a drainage hole. Can prune to maintain 6' plant.

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