Cat Grass Organic Seed Kit - BEST Ever

Best Ever Cat Grass Kit - Even Dog's Enjoy!

Everything you need to grow your buddy a healthy treat....even "Brown Thumbs" can grow this kit!

The only thing you need is a bright sunny window

What you get:

Your choice of 1/8lb of Seeds: Organic Oatgrass or Wheatgrass

Your Choice of Reusable Sprout House Planter with heavy duty humidity dome to ensure germination: Tan or Gray

Also comes with Organic Coconut Coir Soil Medium

Also comes with activated charcoal to help absorb excess moisture if overwatered (does not have drainage hole, so no leaking on delicate surfaces)

AND Easy to Understand Instructions

Planter is re-usable so you will have for many many many more plantings

Planter measures 5.5" h x 5" across at the opening, 3.75" cross on the bottom
Humidity dome is 4.5" h and does have a vent

Need more seed or soil? Available on my website: