Air Plant filled - Hanging Glass Globe


Air Plant Glass Globe Hanging Planters

Great for a LOW maintenance Gift!

Attractive planter featuring assorted Air Plants and different colors/textures Preserved Moss, which give the planter a very whimsical fairy garden-like feel

Your choice of 3 different sizes:

Small 4" Round Globe- comes with 1 assorted Air Plant
Medium 5" Round Globe - comes with 2 assorted Air Plant
Large 7" Round Globe - comes with 3 assorted Air Plant

Air Plants are:
- Natural Air Purifiers
- Fun, quirky, and cool plants that don't require soil
- Light water and indirect light exposure
- Air plants are probably one of the easiest plant to care for

No place to hang your terrarium?  Add a Stand for only $10


How to care for your Air Plant:

Submerge your plant in a bowl of water every week or two. Shake the plant gently to remove excess water, then place it upside-down on an absorbent towel until the leaves are thoroughly dry. Avoid direct sunlight while the plant is drying.

Heating and air conditioning can cause the plant to dry faster. Watch for withered or wrinkled leaves; both are signs the plant needs a little more water.

Water air plant in morning or early afternoon so the plant has time to dry. Never water the plant at night. Mist the plant with lukewarm water once or twice every week, or more often if the air in your home is very dry.

Want to create your own design or already have Air Plants? Glass Globe Planters available WITHOUT contents in separate listing

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