Mediterranean Herb Garden Collection


The Mediterranean is not only a Beautiful place on Earth - it is a lifestyle, culture, cuisine. Enjoy a piece of this in your own home - simple ingredients and fresh flavors from across the sea!

Can be Fully grown Indoors or Out!

Mediterranean Garden Collection contains:

Organic, Non-GMO, Untreated, High Quality Seeds - Easy to Germinate

Lemon Basil
Za'tar Oregano
Garlic Chives
Common Mint
Marjoram ​

6 Plant ID tags

Features detailed growing information, planting diagrams, spacing, tips, & more for raised beds (urban) and traditional row gardens (suburban)
All packaged in mini wooden crate (measures 5"L x 3.5" W x 2.5"H)


If you are new to seed starting you my be interested in the Seed Collection + Mini Greenhouse Kit.

It is a completely controlled environment so a lot less can go wrong :)

+ Mini Greenhouse to start 12 plants and everything you need:

Re-useable heavy duty let's you use this season after season
BPA free
2 Tier drainage cells 
High domed lid for ample growing space 
Adjustable humidity vent
12 Peat Pellets - High water holding capacity makes this one of the best medias to start seeds
Kelp Meal - for organic gardening micro-nutrients
Easy to Understand - Seed Starting Instructions

Measures approx 9" l x 6.75" w x 7.25" h

Covers 4' x 4' garden (16 sq ft) or multiple plantings if grown in containers
Urban Gardening? Fabric Planters are a great choice for space saving and healthy roots ------->available here

​Not ready to plant? 
Seal kit in Zip Lock bag and store in cool and dark location for up to 2 years

​Herbs pictured are just a representation of what you will be able to grow with your garden ​they are not included with your kit.

USA Ship Only