Saffron Crocus Bulbs


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Saffron is a highly prized, crimson red spice used in cooking.   It's the most expensive spice by weight anywhere in the world. Commonly harvested in the Mediterranean and then all the way to the mountains of Kashmir, many people don't realize this spice is produced from the dried stigma of a the Saffron Crocus 

The Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus) is a surprisingly easy-to-grow flower that adds a splash of color in the fall, when this plant blooms.

As the blossoms open, it’s super easy to collect and simply air dry the stigmas from the flowers for your own saffron “threads” for cooking.

Easily grown in the garden or containers

Adult plants are about 24" but they have wispy leaves so they don't take up very much room and you will need lots of plants as there are only a few stigma per flower

Bulbs are perennial in USDA zones 6-9, and do fine in zone 5 if mulched well after bloom is finished.

25 Bulbs

SHIPS August to mid September for FALL Planting

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