Woven Bamboo Planter Basket


Woven bamboo basket planter

Natural color with organic feel

Can use indoor or outdoor

Natural color blends into any home or landscape


Folds for easy storage

If using as a planter I definitely recommend using a liner so soil does not leach out and/or discolor your basket

Multi-functional:  use to harvest veggies, herbs, flowers from the garden or store gardening tools, supplies, literally anything

Comes in 3 sizes: 

Small approx - 8.5" w x 7" h w/o handles approx 6.5" dia opening

Handles are about 3.5" tall

Medium - 10.5" w x 9.5" h w/o handles approx 9" dia opening

Large - 12.5" w x 11" h w/o handles approx 10" dia opening

Handles are about 4.5" tall

Due to these being woven the round shape and opening size may slightly vary from basket to basket

Ships within 7 days from ordering