LED Desk Top Grow Light


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Sometimes we need a little extra light for indoor growing

This Desk Top grow light is PERFECT for growing Microgreens, Flowers, Potted Plants, Seedlings, Herbs, Lettuces or just about any plant could benefit from a little extra sunshine.

Compact Desk Top system measuring: Base - 7.7"L x 6.3" W

Head size - 9.5" x 5.75" x 1.75"

Height adjustment: 15" to 26.5"

Adjustable neck Features: Illumination and versatility for indoor growing

This light has a flexible neck and adjustable height to provide clean and balanced light for all plants.

LED bulb is energy efficient and long lasting, also flicker free

6 foot power cord LED Lamp wattage 14W

Color Temperature: 5400K