Kiwi Vine


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Healthy Rooted 1 year old plant, may come with or without leaves

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Vining plant that requires support for growing similar to grape vines. Fast-growing, vigorous vine but is rarely invasive in the way that other fast-growing vining plants can be. Kiwis are climbers of the "twining" type that grow well on trellises, fences, pergolas, and other T structures. However, the vines can also overcome shrubs and small trees if left unchecked.
Produces small fruits (about the size of a small grape) with edible skin - Super sweet and deliciously addictive!
Attractive vine has heart shaped leaves.

Self Pollinating Variety

Botanical Name Actinidia arguta
Common Name Hardy kiwi, hardy kiwi vine
Plant Type Perennial fruiting vine
Mature Size 10 to 30 feet long
Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade
Soil Type Well-drained loam
Soil pH 5.5 to 7.0 (acidic to neutral)
Bloom Time Spring
Flower Color Green, white
Hardiness Zones 4-7

Comes with Full Planting Instructions

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