Bromeliad Cyanea 'Pink Quill'

Size: 4" Pot

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  • Botanical Name: Wallisia Cyanea
  • Common Names: Bromeliad Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill
  • Description: The Pink Quill Plant, or Tillandsia Cyanea, is one sweet little plant. Cyanea Pink Quill has a deep pink colored bloom with green outer leaves. This plant ships fully bloomed and looks very similar to the plant in the picture. The Pink Quill, a Bromeliad which also grows an air plant, makes an easy & tough houseplant.

Bromeliads are epiphyte plants.

One of the amazing adaptations of epiphytes is their ability to attach to vertical surfaces and capture their water and much of their nutrient needs from sources other than soil. They may be found on branches, trunks and other structures in Tropical Rain Forests.   While epiphytes may live on other plants, they are not parasites.  Other types of epiphytes are Orchids, Ferns, Moss, and Tillandsia Air Plants

Bromeliads are not long lived but will generally start to die back after flowering. Although interior bromeliad plants will fail after awhile and cease growth, they will produce offsets, or pups, that you can remove and start as new plants.

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